Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Find job descriptions for volunteer opportunities below. We can always use you even if you don’t feel confident to tackle one of the competition official roles, so please contact us and we can find the right fit for you!

Regardless of your CBB job, you should be familiar with the official CBB/NOSB rules. Please have a look!

Job Descriptions for competition officials:


Science Judge

Rules Judge (also check out the “Time’s Up!” diagram)

Scorekeeper (also check out the Scoring Matrix)

Timekeeper (also check out the Timekeeper “cheat sheet”)

Room Runner

Team Challenge Question (TCQ) Grader – Sequestered onsite, these unsung heroes use NOSB-generated rubrics to score each team’s responses to these open-ended, higher-level thinking questions. Graders complete a score sheet, which returns to the competition room with the room’s Room Runner, and is read aloud. TCQ scores cannot be challenged.

General assistance/Bowl Central staff – These important people perform a wide variety of tasks including: checking-in/registering participants and volunteers; handing out programs; maintaining master scoreboard & team progress flowchart; filling in for officials if needed;  and running messages and materials during the competition to keep things flowing.

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