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Game Preparation

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Note: These resources are not the sole source of information on ocean sciences. The resources listed should be a starting point for your preparation for the NOSB Regional and Finals competitions.

The resources listed will direct interested students and their teachers to key information and materials on ocean research and related topics. The actual questions for the regional and final competitions are drawn — at least in part — from this resource material. This guide was prepared because most high school science courses do not include ocean research “per se” as part of their content. These resources have been reviewed by the Technical Advisory Panel, and were prepared by Ocean Leadership staff.

General Topics of Study

Please keep in mind that the questions for the NOSB will integrate fundamental concepts in the following topics related to the oceans.

1. Biology

2. Chemistry

3. Geography

4. Geology

5. Math

6. Physics

7. Marine Policy

8. Social sciences (including economics, history and human interactions)

9. Technology (including instrumentation, remote sensing, & navigation)

10. Current Events

*Questions on estuaries and the Great Lakes will also be included.

Level of Difficulty – The level of difficulty of competition questions will generally correspond to that of an AP high school/introductory undergraduate course.

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