If you are interested in having a team compete in the 2022 Chesapeake Bay Bowl, please use the link below to complete a Statement of Intent form.  Statements of intent are due by November 18th.

CBB 2022 Statement of Intent (Deadline November 18, 2020)

Understand that completing this Intent Form does not constitute registration and that only a limited number of teams (12) will be selected to participate.  Remaining teams will be placed on a waiting list, in the order they were selected. All teams will be notified of their status by November 22.

Please fill out separate forms for “A,” “B,” and “C” teams, if applicable. Each team will require its own, different (adult) Coach of Record, who must be an employee of, or officially appointed by the team’s school/organization.

Please be advised that registration fee of up to $250 may be assessed if your team is chosen to participate. This fee will be used to cover expenses associated with running the competition.  Due to uncertainty with budgets this year, we are still working on finalizing our registration fee requirements.


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